Trying New Things


When was the last time you tried something for the first time? This is the question I asked myself when I experienced my first juice cleanse. I experienced my first cleanse in May of 2014 after meeting my good friend James Lowthian at The Future of Business. I was well into my health journey and I was searching for a method of taking it to the next level.

And so the universe provided me with James. James radiates health, as soon as I saw him I asked him “what are you doing?! I want to do what you’re doing.”

And so he walks me through the process of juice cleansing. Only juice for five days straight, no solid food. Truth be told, I thought he was crazy. How can only drinking juice for five days be healthy?! He was clearly getting results so I decided to give it a shot.

Day 1 was the hardest, I was putting my body through something it had never gone through before. I’m usually a calm, balanced, non-reaction type person. During day 1 I was the complete opposite. I was moody, tired, and quick to reaction. So much so I essentially told my dad to fuck off at work, apologizing three seconds after I realised what I had said.

By the end of day three hunger disappears, this is your bodies instinctive reaction to having no food. It says to itself “shit we’re not getting food, let’s eat the leftovers (stored fat cells) from 6 months ago!”

Quick note: whenever someone asks me about fasting I ask them the reason for wanting to fast. If it’s to lose weight I tell them not to use this method. I feel some people see fasting as a quick fix, in my experience a quick fix is neither.

Day four to five you are bursting at the seams with energy, and your skin is clearer than it’s been in years. All this from not eating food, who would have thought.

The most important part of the fast is how you break it. Just like your car you’ve taken the old oil out and now you’re putting new oil in. My food of choice when breaking a fast is guacamole with carrot sticks, celery and cucumber. NOM NOM NOM!


So, when was the last time you did something for the first time? What’s something so crazy you don’t believe you could do it? Do that now. Learn something new. You never know what precession will be waiting for you out the corner of your eye.

Have a fantastic week!




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